Flash Games!

Rest in peace flash games, you made a big part of our childhood. It is a sad day, but the show must go on. If you still want to experience flash games you can go to this site : https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ to get access to a huge archive of flash content instead of trying to play them on some kind of lame website. I am going to leave the website as-is, so you can come here to get the names of what I consider fun flash games (why did I keep alphattack again?).

You can import my website's list of games for flashpoint here

PS: Ok looking back on the games here, there is quite a few bad games. I'm still going to leave the site as-is, so you can play the game of "what are the bad games?". If you find all of them, you might win a voucher of 20 cents on steam.

PPS: Candy box is a javascript game so you can still play it. It is an idle clicker game so you maybe won't find at fun as I did.